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Employers views of Outplacement


The word "redundancy" stirs unrest in most people.  Turmoil can envelop the lives of those affected.  With so many redundancies already seen and predicted, do employers really care?  Do business leaders value Outplacement? 


According to a Reed survey, they clearly do.  Employers are increasingly reaping the benefits which include improved morale, motivation and productivity, increased retention, better support of managers, and improved reputation. 

Below is a summary of some of the survey’s findings:


* 66% felt Outplacement support improves staff morale, motivation and productivity during times of change and downsizing


* 55% agreed that providing Outplacement for exiting employees helps those who remain too, with perceived corporate value on whole workforce


* 87% believe that offering Outplacement eased pressures on line managers


* 78% felt that providing Outplacement could improve the organisation's reputation


* 55% believe that Outplacement can help the organisation be seen as

  an employer of choice by existing and future employees  


What specifically is of value?

The three most highly rated components of Outplacement were reported as:


* The quality of one-to-one consultancy

* Interviews and assessments training

* CV development 


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